Event date: 30 April 2016 | Words: RaceMasteR J | Photos: Nishaam Ebrahim | Venue: Killarney International Raceway


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We Capetonian’s haven’t seen a Supa Drift event in a while with the last one being more than two years ago at Grand West Casino. So when the news came of SD coming back to Cape Town, we were naturally excited as hell. But why all the excitement? Well, Supa Drift is a national series, which means if there’s a round happening in my home town, there’s going to be pretty much all of the local drifters plus a whole contingent of guys from upcountry and even the Mozzi boys. More cars, more variety, more talent, more action!

It was set to happen at Killarney International Raceway this time which is a first for SD and Killarney alike. Yes there’s been plenty other drift events there, but this was the first “national” and obviously it was going to take place on the oval.

Which admittedly has become a bit boring now in terms of course layout, but there’s only so much you can do with it. Unless you lay some new tar down and make a figure of eight layout… hint, hint WPMC.

The positive thing about the oval is that it makes for a rather high speed course. Running in reverse and starting all the way back from turn 3, driver’s drag race and initiate at the kink sliding all the way into turn two making their way around the oval.

One of the highest entry speeds ever in SD was reached by local drifter Jacques Lemmer in his V8 powered BMW E36 of 150km/h. Can you just imagine flicking the wheel and yanking the e-brake at that speed?! Insane!

Going into this the weather was looking rather touch and go. We were having rain for the past few weeks but thankfully it turned out to be an awesome day unlike the last SD and Drift City where I almost melted to death.

With almost 40 cars set to participate it was shaping up to be one cracker of an event. But due to a few unfortunate mishaps and issues, the final number was closer to 30 cars.

Friday and Saturday morning saw drivers get in as much practice as possible, especially for the out of town guys. It then moved onto qualifying where you are scored according to multiple things such as speed, line, angle etc.

Qualifying on top of the log was local legend Jacques Lemmer again setting the pace for everyone else to follow. Things were looking great for him showing consistency and aggression all day. His driving style and car are a definite crowd pleaser.

Qualifying sorted the men from the boys with some guys like Jacques scoring maximum points while others barely made it through. It determined a top 16 list with exactly 8 locals and 8 “outsiders” making this a true North VS South event. Tandems were about to start. This is where it gets crazy! This is what we came to see!

If the driving was hot during qualifying then the temperature was going to hit the roof now. There were some really awesome displays of talent and style from all the drivers with door to door action.

There was even some overtaking by Sean February. You can imagine how the crowd went ballistic to see a local overtake a Joburg boy. I don’t care if it’s not allowed, it was awesome!

Shane Green and Jacques Lemmer were at each other’s side mirrors all day with a few One More Times due to it being so close. But in the end it was Shane Green that went through. Sadly Jason Webb was also knocked out early. Things didn’t seem 100% for him. Maybe it’s that new MASSIVE rear wing?

Jim McFarlane was killing it all day and after many victorious battles he ended up taking on, would you have guessed it, Shane Gutzeit in his dads borrowed car! Door to door action once again but in the end it was Shane that came out tops. Well done!

In the end it was Shane Gutzeit in first place followed by Jim McFarlane in second and Zanil Sataar in third place. A long day but well worth it. I just hope Supa Drift could come to Cape Town more often like at least twice a year. Supa Drift - awesome cars, lots of power, amazing sound tracks, lots of tyre smoke and nonstop action. I can’t wait for 2017!

Watch the video above to get a better idea of how awesome this event was!

Have a look at the rest of the gallery below. Enjoy!

RaceMasteR J
Junaid Hamid

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