Event date: 6 February 2016 | Words: Killarney WPMC | Photos: RaceMasteR J | Location: Killarney International Raceway.


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Staged in ideal conditions at Killarney on Saturday, the international Passion for Speed meeting attracted a near record crowd that was treated to a kaleidoscope of outstanding racing from a large field of Historic, as well as more modern cars and motorcycles.

The scene was set early on when veteran local hero Sarel van der Merwe came from second position on the grid in his monster Ford Galaxie to win the opening Legends of the 9-Hour Production Cars and Little Giants event from a selection of other legendary entries. These included the Du Toit brothers Jonathan (Chev Chevelle) and Mark (Chev Nova), Ferdi van Niekerk Jnr. (Ford Galaxie), Jeroen van der Heuvel (Shelby Mustang) and Jacques Mouton (Studebaker Silver Hawk), who crossed the line in that order.

While he was slowed by the loss of his Galaxie’s bonnet in the first race, Ferdie van Niekerk had it refitted and went on to win the final 9-Hour commemoration event in fine style.

Ford power dominated the hard fought Formula Junior Diamond Jubilee World Tour events. The first of these belonged to Gregory Thornton (Lotus Ford 22), who finished ahead of Richard Smeeton (Wainer Ford 63) and Chris Drake (Elva Ford 300). The BMC and Fiat engined cars only appeared in 12th place -- and lower.

The largest entry belonged to the pre ’77 Classics and pre ’84 Invitation category where Swedish drivers Claes Paulson (Chev Corvette Gransport) and Greger Petterssen (Chev Camaro) finished ahead of Mike Schmidt (Ford Capri V8). They were followed by local pilots Dave Kopke (Mazda R100), Richard Quixley (Datsun 240Z), Franco Donadio (Ford Escort Mk 1) and Keith Rose (Porsche RSR).

Craig Jarvis (Dodge Viper), did well to see off the threat from Loris Chiappa’s Ferrari F430 GT3 in the opening event in the Extreme Car category. Third place went to Nieyaaz Modack (BMW E36).

Overall results (in classes):

Extreme Cars and Invitation Challenge:
A) Craig Jarvis (Dodge Viper V10).
B) Giacomo Giannoccara (BMW E36).
C) Loris Chiappa (Ferrari F430).

Formula Junior World Series:
E) Richard Smeeton (Wainer Ford).
A) Andrea Guarino (Volpini).
B) Richard Bishop-Miller (Std-Triumph).
C) Colin Nursey (Lotus Ford)
D) Chris Drake (Elva Ford).

Pre ’74 ISP /TransAm:
A) Kent Abrahamson (Chevron B19).
B) Peter Leuthardt (Sauber C2).
C) Peter Little (Lotus 7 replica).

Pre ’77 Classics and pre ’84 Invitation:
S) Claes Paulssen (Corvette Grandsport).
A) Louis Powell (Ford Escort).
B) Eric vd Merwe (Porsche 924T).
C) Derick Truscott (Porsche 924).
D) Wayne Lotter (Ford Escort).
E) Ley Fielding (VW Golf).

Legends of the 9-Hour:
A) Mark du Toit (Chev Nova).
B) Ferdi van Niekerk Jnr. (Ford Galaxie).
C) Steve Bicknell (Austin Healey).
D) Chan Ten Doeschate (GSM Dart).
E) Ashley Ellis (Austin Healey Sprite).

Grand Prix Cars ‘50’s – ‘60’s:
1) Marcus Musso (Merlyn Ford).
2) Paul Manegold (Formula Vee).
3) Di Dugmore (Lotus 11).

1) Mark / Jonathan du Toit (Lola T70).
2) Donald Duncan / Chris Wilson (McLaren MB196).
3) Kennett Persson (Ford GT40).

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