Event date: 21 February 2016 | Words: RaceMasteR J | Photos: Zunaid Baba


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2015 was an amazing year for the Last Lion Lifestyle team hosting many events from breakfast runs, private drag and track days and even track day classroom sessions. From its inception only in March of 2015, the group accomplished a tremendous amount from the scale of their events to the number of followers. Last Lion Lifestyle is not a club but rather see themselves as a supercar community with all events free of charge to guests, provided you are invited.

From ending off 2015 in grand style inside Cape Town Stadium with over 120 supercars in attendance, it has to be one of Cape Town’s biggest exotic and supercar events to date. Come 2016 the team decided to start off on a smaller scale in anticipation on building up the events as the year progresses.

The first event was a breakfast run which started from the Westin Hotel in Cape Town central with the end destination ending off in lovely country side at the Franschhoek Motor Museum. With the intention of starting small, the parking lot at the Westin quickly filled up with more than 65 supercars attending. With many high profile people and even SA cricketer Vernon Philander amongst the guests, its plain to see how word of these exclusive events are growing within the supercar community.

A highlight for many would have been the appearance of one very special 15 million rand car at the event. The first in South Africa, at the time, a Lamborghini Aventador SV fresh from RACE! with a few personal touches from the owner. The crowds swarmed to the car as soon as it arrived armed with smart phones and cameras firing away.

Even the drivers briefing had to be put on hold momentarily as the Aventador revved its Armytrix exhaust waking up the entire hotel in the process I’m sure.

As drivers made their way down the N1 highway led by a red Lamborghini Huracan pace car, onlookers were in sheer amazement once again where all these supercars came from, or where they’re going to. People generally go crazy when they see one supercar, seeing more than 50 driving in convoy just blows about anyone’s mind.

Definately one of MY favourite cars from the event. Nothing beats a black Bad Boys Porsche! This one sporting a set of Ruf wheels.

The route was a quick one, as previously mentioned, it was planned to be a small run just to Franschhoek. It was somewhat of a reminiscent event for organisers as the Motor Museum was Last Lion Lifestyles first ever breakfast run end destination almost one year ago with only 8 supercars.

It turned out to be a Jaguar VS Porsche affair!

Watch the above video put together by Channel 10 from the event to get a better feel of things.

Arriving at the Franschhoek Motor Museum all were greeted by the friendly and welcoming staff who gave guests an introductory talk as well as a tour through some of the exhibits.

One of my all time favourite supercars. Ferrari F40.

Keep an eye out on Last Lion Lifestyles facebook page, instagram or website for more events throughout the year.

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