Event date: 20 March 2016 | Words: Last Lion Lifestyle | Photos: Nishaam Ebrahim


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On Sunday, 20 March the Last Lion Lifestyle crew hosted a private Supercar Airstrip Attack event at the Saldanha Airfield. The day started off at Velocity cars in Century City where Supercar owners & spectators were treated to mouth watering exotics - from the very special Lamborghini Aventador SV, one of the only few in the country, a hand full of brand new Porsche GT3 RS's and customised Ferrari 458's to name but a few.

For the regularly invited guests that attend Last Lion Lifestyle events, the adrenaline and tempo was pumped up as usual once they reached the end venue, this time being an airstrip.

The day commenced with "warm up" races where friendly battles took place to size up the opposition brands.

The sounds of launch control, tyre screeches & amazing sounding exhaust notes were the order of the day & the lucky spectators could not contain their excitement.

The knockout competition produced some upsets as well as surprises on the day - the greatest upset was a Porsche 911 Turbo S that got eliminated in the 1st round by a highly modified Nissan GTR R34.

One of the surprises was a 2004 Chevrolet Corvette that went all the way to the semi finals, only to be knocked out by the mighty Mercedes Benz SLS AMG with 420KW.

The two cars that made it to the finals were no strangers to the Saldanha Strip - Waghied (Pertamina GTR) took the top honours and knocked Yaseen Ebrahim (CPI GTR) out to take the knock out champion title.

Below is a list of the top 8 cars that made it to the quarter final knock outs - (In no particular order of position from #3 - #8)

8. A45 AMG (He picked his fights well and with a bit of luck he managed to sneak into the top 8)
7. Achmad. Lumina SS (An unsuspecting car that battled for traction off the line but came to fetch the competition closer down the line)

6. Ish. Corvette (Completely unexpected - the sleeper of the event)

5. Anwar. R34 GTR (One of the crowd favourites and did well against cars with newer technology)

4. Craig. Audi RS6 (Another sleeper who fought his battles well)

3. Armin. SLS AMG (Raw power clearly has its benefits)

2. Yaseen. CPi GTR (Did well all day but his luck eventually ran out)

1. Waghied. Fastron GTR - WIINNER! (Was slower off the line in the final race but managed to catch and pass his opposition to take the Knock Out Champion title!)

Last Lion Lifestyle, well known for its prestigious breakfast runs in Cape Town opted to create an airstrip drag racing event for the purposes of supercar owners to be able to stretch the legs of their powerful machines in a safe and controlled environment.

Last Lion Lifestyle in association with the Western Cape Provincial Traffic authority promotes safety on public roads. #BoozeFreeRoads

Last Lion Lifestyle would like to thank all the drivers and guests, media, crew and sponsors for making it such a fun filled and eventful day!

Keep an eye out on Last Lion Lifestyles facebook page, instagram or website for more events throughout the year.

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