Event date: 22 March 2015 | Words & photos: RaceMasteR J


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Supercars. What is it about them that makes a grown adult turn into a drooling little child? Is it every little boys dream to own one someday? Does it remind them of the bedroom wall poster they once had as a child? If you’re a numbers person it could be the sheer stats of them from horsepower figures to the price tag, either way, it’s a lot.

In essence a supercar should be fast, have handling to match, sleek lines with glamorous looks and not forgetting a price that’s way beyond an average yearly salary. The first names that come to mind when thinking about supercars are the three elite, Ferrari, Lamborghini and Porsche. Though lately there have been a lot of new kids on the block from the likes of Pagani, Koenigsegg and even McLaren.

Supercars are without a doubt the most attractive vehicles on the road with various people from young to old all admiring and envying the fortunate owners. That’s usually the case when you see one. So what happens when you see a convoy of about 30+ all at once? People simply lose their minds! I can tell you that because that’s what happened last Sunday at the 2nd instalment of the Last Lion Lifestyle Supercar run.

After a very successful first breakfast run a few weeks ago to the Franschhoek Motor Museum, the boys at Last Lion Lifestyle decided to host yet another run due to popular demand.

With word getting out of the sensation from the first event, many more interested parties came onboard with their even more interesting machinery. A mouthful indeed but here are some of the toys that came out to play…

At the top of the food chain undoubtedly was the Lamborghini Aventador (with a Nurburgring sticker on the back) followed closely by a very rare silver Ferrari 458 Speciale. 3 Lamborghini Murcielago’s, 2 orange Porsche GT3 RS’s, 2 Porsche Caymans, a 911 Carrera, about 3 Maserati’s, a Ferrari F430, FF and 2 California’s, old and new, two McLaren Mp4’s, 1 coupe and 1 spyder, 2 Audi R8’s, 2 Mercedes SLS AMG’s, Jaguar F-type convertible and XK RS, 2 Nissan R35 GTR’s, a Corvette C06, Mercedes C63 AMG 507 edition… and the list goes on.

The starting point was at the luxurious Table Bay Hotel at the Waterfront. Drivers and crew were treated to breakfast/coffee at the Union Bar inside the hotel while they waited for everyone else to arrive. Soon after a drivers briefing was given plus notes with a map of the route was handed out to make sure everyone was on the same page.

As I stood and waited for the cars to exit the parking lot I heard one glorious sound after another roar into life. From the over exaggerated start up of a Lamborghini and fiery screech of a Ferrari, to the low down rubble of the SLS AMG, I slowly started to shrink in my clothes and transform into a drooling little boy once again.

Reality soon kicked me in the stomach in the form of a dangling Canon digital camera and I quickly snapped back into work mode clicking away at some awesome machines at the start of an epic road trip to Hermanus. Let’s do this!

I jumped in the media crew vehicle, a 2014 Range Rover Sport which started off at the back of the convoy. We soon caught up with the pack to regroup and make our way onto the N1 highway.

Sitting in the back of the Range Rover gave me the freedom to move from left to right with a high vantage point.

The only problem was the Range Rover has so much bloody horsepower and tremendously great handling it felt like I was sitting in a tumble dryer at times. It was an amazing crew vehicle which served us well throughout the day.

Blasting up the N1 our first port of call was at the Engen Windlands 1 Stop for a quick fuel and snacks top up. And without fail where ever we stopped soon turned into a car show.

People admiring, taking photos and posing with the cars. It’s a great experience to see how a car can lighten the mood of any person.

The route took us through one of Cape Town’s most scenic roads, the Franschhoek pass. I don’t know if the mountain ever experienced so much horsepower cut through it all in one go before.

After many twists and turns we headed down towards the Theewaterskloof dam and turned right in the direction of Grabouw and then on to Hermanus.

About 130km’s later we arrived in style at The Burgundy restaurant for lunch. Last Lion Lifestyle also arranged for local traffic to cordon off the parking lot for us giving everyone involved peace of mind and creating yet another supercar show for the public in the process.

Though some people were completely oblivious to what was going on behind them, they preferred to marvel at the natural beauty of Hermanus instead.

It was clear to see yet again how people from all walks of life could come together and appreciate something as simple as a car. Even though you and I both know it’s not just a car, it’s a supercar!

What started off as a misty morning turned into a fun filled day in the sun with lots of exotics parked on a beautiful coastline. Well done to the Last Lion Lifestyle team for putting together yet another amazing event, we can’t wait for the next one! Be sure to check out the massive gallery below.


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last-lion-supercar-run_172 last-lion-supercar-run_173 last-lion-supercar-run_174
last-lion-supercar-run_175 last-lion-supercar-run_176 last-lion-supercar-run_177
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last-lion-supercar-run_193 last-lion-supercar-run_194 last-lion-supercar-run_195
last-lion-supercar-run_196 last-lion-supercar-run_197 last-lion-supercar-run_198
last-lion-supercar-run_199 last-lion-supercar-run_200 last-lion-supercar-run_201
last-lion-supercar-run_202 last-lion-supercar-run_203 last-lion-supercar-run_204
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last-lion-supercar-run_208 last-lion-supercar-run_209 last-lion-supercar-run_210
last-lion-supercar-run_211 last-lion-supercar-run_212 last-lion-supercar-run_213
last-lion-supercar-run_214 last-lion-supercar-run_215 last-lion-supercar-run_216
last-lion-supercar-run_217 last-lion-supercar-run_218 last-lion-supercar-run_219
last-lion-supercar-run_220 last-lion-supercar-run_221 last-lion-supercar-run_222
last-lion-supercar-run_223 last-lion-supercar-run_224 last-lion-supercar-run_225
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