Event date: 6 March 2015 | Words & photos: RaceMasteR J | Killarney International Raceway


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It’s been a while since I last covered a Street 2 Strip event yet it never ceases to amaze me. It’s undoubtedly one of Killarney’s busiest events that they host. It just goes to show the demand for drag racing events in Cape Town.

The best thing about it is that its ordinary guys off the street with their everyday vehicles. I think that’s one of the reasons why Street 2 Strip is actually so successful.

It’s affordable racing with a great atmosphere and even better competition. Just last week I was at MSA drags and even though the quality of car there is on a completely different level, Street 2 Strip events always pull the numbers whether it be competitor or spectator.

It’s nonstop racing from about 6:30PM till 10PM at the cost of a mere R50. What more could you ask for? Racing every night…? Unfortunately that will never happen in my opinion. It’s way too much of a logistical nightmare.

Even though there are plenty that say they want it, after a while it will die like the songs do on KFM after they play it a million times a day.

Show car turned race car. Sergio in his Ford Escort ran a very impressive time of 13.5 seconds. Well done! See you at MSA drags soon?

Nissan Sentra and Sabre STi’s were the flavor of the night without a doubt. I actually got tired of watching them after a while. Surprisingly very few Civic or Ballade VTEC’s.

Though there were a good few Honda S2000’s racing. But I think that was in aid of rallying support for their dyno day which was being held the day after, coverage coming soon.

You always find first time racers at Street 2 Strip events who dont always know how the system works. But marshals and in this case, Gaenor, the ever friendly COC, was willing to lend a hand, or was that just her Iron Man impersonation?

This event was also meant to coincide with the first round of the regional Supa Drift series to be held on the oval side of the track. Unfortunately the series had to be put on hold at the last minute due to some MSA logistics. So it was turned into a drift practice session instead. Jason Webb was on hand to do some demo's on the main straight to get the crowd's going.

Loud mouth himself Zaid "Uncle Figo" Kriel doing what he does best from the top of the control tower having a birds eye view of the entire strip.

After a night out watching some great racing in a great atmosphere surrounded by likeminded petrol heads, it was time to head home, but I left the track wanting more.

Stay tuned, this won’t be the last Street 2 Strip coverage coming to Raceweb, and I guarantee that! Have a look at the gallery below to see if you got snapped. Till next time…

Junaid Hamid
RaceMasteR J
twitter: @racewebmag

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s2s-6march2015_134 s2s-6march2015_135 s2s-6march2015_136
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s2s-6march2015_143 s2s-6march2015_144 s2s-6march2015_145
s2s-6march2015_146 s2s-6march2015_147 s2s-6march2015_148
s2s-6march2015_149 s2s-6march2015_150 s2s-6march2015_151
s2s-6march2015_152 s2s-6march2015_153 s2s-6march2015_154
s2s-6march2015_155 s2s-6march2015_156 s2s-6march2015_157
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