Event date: 24 April 2015 | Words: RaceMasteR J | Photos: RaceMasteR J & Nishaam Ebrahim | Killarney International Raceway


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Street 2 Strip at Killarney or as some call it, Friday action night, is the place where average Joe’s get to be heroes by battling their rivals down a 400m strip of tar. The air is filled with smoke and the smell of burnt rubber.

The atmosphere is lively and your ears are constantly tuning into the sound revving engines and snapping gear changes. It’s exactly the place to be for any petrol head and without a doubt beats any form of illegal street racing.

Being an open event the variety of cars racing is always diverse. From Toyota Tazz’s all the way up to 11 second R35 GTR’s… not to mention everything in between.

The only thing missing are a few bikes, but they are not allowed to race at night due to poorer night time visibility in general.

This E55 AMG Merc was completely gangster kick ass and taking names all night long... it sounded so, so dirty too!

The strip is the place where fast talkers get to prove how quick their rides really are. Where grudge matches are settled and new ones are born. A bitter rivalry between car brands that’s always an ongoing race to the finish line.

Is it just me or are Golf 7R's becoming more popular than GTi 7's nowdays...?

A stunning example of a Honda CRX.

The queue was long as usual just going to show what strong support these events get.

We were really looking forward to this date because it was the first round of the long awaited SupaDrift Western Cape regional drift series, which was happening on the oval side of the track. Unfortunately to my surprise I was only greeted by the few hardcore drift enthusiasts, the Grassroots Drifters and another two guys.

I am not going to mention names but I was very disappointed in the rest of the Cape Town drift contingent. Hats off to the guys that took part, sick cars or not, I hope to see you guys at the next one, but this time around I really did expect more cars and more well known names.

I know a few of the guys are in the process of prepping their cars for the national event this weekend, so I can’t blame them. But if this regional series is going to be a success we need the backing and support from ALL the local drifters.

It begs the question: Will this happen again for round 2? Will the bigger guys who compete on a national level take the safe option and save their car for the national series instead of risking it for a regional one? Time will tell, but I do hope I am pleasantly surprised at the next SupaDrift regional event.

It wasn’t very long till I found myself back at the drag strip. It’s a recipe that has worked well since its inception. Every event without fail, you find masses of street races and their fans arriving in droves. We need more… I want more!

Be sure to have a look at the full gallery below to see if you were spotted...

Junaid Hamid
RaceMasteR J
twitter: @racewebmag

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