Event: 7 March 2015 | Words & photos: RaceMasteR J | Venue: 1st Performance, Killarney Raceway


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When last was I at a dyno day?! Wow, it’s been too long! It was welcomed news to hear that Club S2K were going to host an inter club dyno day at 1st Performance (old Ferroli) on the 7th of March. I always like going to events that are hosted at new venues because we all need a change of scenery some time. Dyno days in Cape Town go hand in hand with Dyno Tech in Brackenfell, but who knows, this might be the new hot spot for hosting dyno days now?

1St Performance, which is run by the more popularly known Pro-Fit guys, is ideally situated right at the main entrance to Killarney Raceway. There’s ample space for parking and being at the track is always great, even if there’s no cars racing around it. Today however there were bikes flying around at an open bike track day which became a bit too much for me having to listen to them red line up the back straight for hours on end.

Getting back to 4 wheels and the dyno day, I think it was a great move on Club S2K’s side to invite 2 more clubs. The Toyota 86 and the Honda Type R owners club. Although there weren’t anywhere near as many the amount of S2000’s, it was nice to see some variety on the rollers every once in a while.

Chatting to Ernest and Jason we all agreed that dyno days are one big “private parts” measuring contest. And with the S2K club they all pretty much measure in around the 160kW-170kW range.

Except for one special person by the name of Morne in his long time coming S2000. Morne ran the turbo charged red devil on the rollers and spat out a crazy figure of 477kW’s!

I wouldn’t want to pull up next to Morne at the urinals, I mean traffic lights!

Starting at about 2PM the event was a great place to hang out on a Saturday afternoon with friends and like minded people. Me and Jason even got to take Ernie’s S2000 for a spin, thanks E, we really enjoyed it, but like Jason said, you need to have that noise checked out after about 245km/h... hahahaha!

So this supercharged 86 looks so damn pretty!

As exciting as Morne’s turbo S2000 was, this car took top honours in my books. Shaun Zurich’s Honda Ballade is the definition of a sleeper car! Just a set of wheels and a front scoop, you would never be able to tell what lies under the bonnet.

Normally aspirated and running on pump fuel, Shaun kicked out 213kW’s! This car was on our Drag List recently with a high 12 second run. Impressive! Watch the video and listen to this thing scream!

In racing terms Wade’s car is more impressive if you think about it. Wade recently ran a 12.7 second quarter mile in his EG Civic yet he only makes 177kW’s. I guess it’s how you put your power down that matters. Wade, I hope to see you on the Drag List soon!

With almost 50 cars lining up to have a go on the rollers, the event ran into the late evening. With food readily available to purchase and music pumping away courtesy of DJ Alan, it was a great vibe to experience. So, when’s the next one guys?

Check out the video above and dont forget to view the rest of the gallery below.

Junaid Hamid
RaceMasteR J
twitter: @racewebmag

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