Event date: 7 February 2015 | Words: Alex Finlay | Photos: Nishaam Ebrahim, RaceMasteR J & Alex Finlay | Location: Killarney International Raceway.


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My usual trip to Killarney International Raceway usually involves waking up and pulling my Japanese drift machine out from its slumber; laden with additional wheels for a session of tyre slaying with my equally drift-crazy friends - Grassroots Drifters Cape Town… However this trip was different.

An early wake up and stepping outside to be greeted to one of those breathless Cape Town days (on those rare occasions where the cape doctor sleeps in), today was race day, but not your usual race day.

It was Historical Race Day. An ultimate throw-back if you will - to your insane, fuel guzzling and unrestricted beasts; produced before the technological hype; allowed to be pushed to their limits on track – providing the old race fans with a reminder of the races they used to watch and showing the new generation of race fans where today’s racing developed from.

These were machines where drivers were the only entities controlling the vehicle’s movements, the real cowboys came out to play. This was an audio-visual museum for a petrol head.

I remember running a carburettor themed feature series a few weeks ago, something that Mike Garrett said rang true with me, “carburettors represent everything we love about automobiles.” They’re simple and make the best sound (Those in attendance at Passion for Speed will be able to vouch for the brilliant sounding vehicles screaming around the track), no top end computers controlling the air fuel ratio, mechanical adjustments make the difference with the tuning of a carb being an art that’s slowly disappearing.

And boy – oh- boy were there loads of carburettor equipped machines at passion for speed!

My dad, younger brother and I arrived early and got our spot set up on the inside of turn one, the cool sunscreen was applied and the camp chairs set out as creature comforts to help us in enduring the African sun while watching each race.

During the warm up lap early on in the day, I heard the distinct sound of a flat six growling with a turbo spooling, the symphony was emanating from a Porsche 911 Carrera RSR Turbo. The unmistakable 911 shape was finished in eye catching silver with the iconic Martini Racing livery just completing the package.

Seeing and hearing this air-cooled, boosted flat 6 going into boost was an unexplainable experience, it needed to be lived first hand.

One understands why Porsche is the most successful racing marques in the world after you’ve seen some of their flagship race vehicles being pushed around the track, every one of their platforms just seem to corner on rails. Some of my friends commented on this car and called it the “Braai grid” due to the huge flames it was throwing out the exhaust on entrance into Malmesbury, with the orange glow being reflected by the polished rear panel with louvers, reminding them of the good old South African braai.

While on the subject of Porsche, a couple of 917 replicas had made their way to Cape Town. A black 917 replica had confused me at first due to the addition of an aftermarket- type wing, an estimated guess that it was added for some additional down- force to increase the rear grip. Its sound track was amazing, with what sounded like a v8 growl emitting from twin pipes angled out the rear.

The second 917 spotted was a Bailey Edwards replica, sporting Martini colours but was parked in the pits and never made it to the track on race day. She was running a turbo Porsche engine package with the snail sitting far back. These Bailey Edwards replicas are stunning and allow you the opportunity of owning some machines that are priceless in their original guise, as well as having an updated package using newer manufacturing processes like CNC machining and laser cut parts, allowing you to go out and push it on the track.

One car that was an original came in the form of a hardtop Porsche 356A. It wasn’t the fastest of cars out on track… with a similar chassis design to the Beetle and the small 4 pot boxer trying to power it along, but that bolus and streamlined shape just looked at home on the track. (I’m a sucker for aircooled Porsche’s too!) I must pay big respects to the owner for racing this car among much faster machines. I even spotted some battle damage on the left side from wheel –to- wheel race rubbing while exploring it more closely in the pits. Rad!

The Lindenberg Racing camp had pulled a strong showing with their Blue and white liveried Lazarus Ford sponsored vehicles with a performance in almost each class. The Ford GT40 replica and the Shelby Daytona looked especially menacing on track.

A slight bit of drama occurred during the 45minute endurance race where the Daytona being driven by Peter Lindenberg at the time lost its rear wheel at the braking zone coming into turn one, this resulted in a crash at the end of the main straight with no further hopes of competing using the car. Luckily no serious injuries of the driver or spectators occurred during this incident as a bouncing and flying wheel hurtling at speed is as dangerous as it gets.

During the aforementioned 45 minute race, a huge battle ensued for 1st and 2nd place between the GT40 (of the Lindenberg racing stable) and The Walls Ice-cream liveried Lola T70 Spyder replica (of Bailey Edwards motors.) These two cars were going balls –to- the- wall throughout the race and a strategically timed pit stop by the Lindenberg team placed them ahead of the flying T70 , eventually resulting in the GT40 winning the race with the T70 right behind.

Pit lane banter was at an all-time high (as with all motorsports) and we managed to spot this while on our traditional pit walk during lunch time. The single-seater Lotus had been parked up outside and I hadn’t seen it running on the track at all, one lovely competitor/pit crew member took it upon themselves to duct tape a baked roll to the back of the car with a caption of : “The Baker Fast Late Delivery.” The conclusion I came up with is that the owner is a baker and his car suffered mechanical failure… at least people still find humour in it.

I think the most talked about car on track was the pace car kindly provided by Crossley & Webb, a Morgan 3-wheeler. If you can imagine a WW2 spitfire…but land bound with wheels, that’s what the Morgan 3-wheeler reminded me of.

It was finished in a green hue better associated with military vehicles with its V-twin motor mounted as far forward as possible, it just seemed to go against all things that are usually associated with automobiles, and I guess that’s what made it inherently cool, it just went completely against the grain (see what I did there… we all know Morgan has used wood in their chassis construction for years.)

The iconic Gunston Orange Ford Capri Perana stuck out like a sore thumb to me, as I had received an old Gunston racing poster from my grandfather during my childhood with the same liveried Capri Perana. This poster was a celebration of The Perana setting the lap record at Kyalami in January of 1970 while piloted by Bob Oltoff. The V8 lump from Ford Racing was immaculately laid out and stopping power was provided by Willwood calipers all round. Earlier my dad and I joked that all the “sin substances” helped support racing with the abundance of liveries with cigarette and alcohol advertising... Aaah the good old days!

It’s always good seeing SuperVan (Sarel van der Merwe) out on track in his tank of a Ford Galaxie and watching him skilfully manoeuvre the hefty lump around the track still is a sight to behold for me (especially at his age of 68) I really do hope I can be driving at his pace when I’m his age! (Wishful thinking I know.)

He was getting the red tank sideways (Queue the “WOOOHOOO DRIFTING” reaction with both of my arms in the air) as were a few other drivers; most notable for me was the driver of a blue and green GSM Dart getting his car over-steering with heaps of body roll around turn one (Go little Dart gooooo!!)

I’m a total Japanese car freak, now that’s out the way, you could just imagine how I was losing my mind seeing not one, but two Datsun s30 240z’s out on track. These s30 brothers are incredibly rare in South Africa and you’ve more than likely seen the cousins, the 260z’s and 280z’s, out on the roads in our country. Seeing two ultra-rare s30’s racing at full tilt was an amazing experience for many race fans (and especially my inner Japanese J-tin enthusiast).

The more competitive platform was liveried with a design hinting to the historic BRE 240z’s (that most Nissan fans will be familiar with.) I just loved the way this car looked on track with its pop riveted over fenders and the Watanabe racing wheels completing the nostalgic racing look.

The red 240z was running this amazing Nissan 6 pot lump, which looked like a L24 motor. The engine bay was spotlessly completed (just like the rest of this build as I later learned while making my way through the entire vehicle) - and who doesn’t love AN Connectors on the fuel lines … soooo pretty!

Newer race cars were also added to the event roster with the likes of Jaki Scheckter racing a Ferrari F430 and other standouts included a track tuned Lotus Exige and a stripped out white, race Mustang.

A special mention needs to go to the driver of the yellow Lotus Exige, Dawie Joubert, who in the last race of the day, found himself in last place after two corners of the first lap, but displayed some amazing driving with flying pace, pulling 1:16’s through the traffic to eventually place 3rd overall.

Although the Pièce de résistance of the event was the parade lap of the former Formula 1 and Formula 2 cars of the Franschhoek Motor Museum collection. The standout here was the genuine Tyrrell 007 that competed in the second half of the 1974 Formula 1 season. This car was originally piloted back in the day by Jody Scheckter, but now saw Ian Scheckter driving it around Killarney and the sheer width and outright pace of the old F1 car was absolutely astounding.

Who doesn’t love the sound of an old F1 car… remember no noise restrictions and a well-tuned Ford Cosworth V8 – recipe for automotive audio porn! I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves, it was a beautiful machine!

The Gunston liveried car of the Zimbabwean racing legend John Love was also making its way around the track during the parade lap, having seen this car static at the museum a few months ago it was really interesting seeing it flexing its muscle around the track for the benefit of the race fans in attendance .

Once again Passion for Speed lived up to my ever present expectations from past attendances at the classic racing for most of my childhood (thanks dad for introducing me to this amazing fuel filled passion and taking me to my first classic car race meeting as a 6 year old.)

Guess we’ll just have to wait for next year’s meeting and hope that even more vehicles are in attendance!

Alex Finlay

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