Event date: 17 October 2015 | Words & photos: RaceMasteR J | Killarney International Raceway


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I must apologize for the extreme delay on these pics, I know there were a few guys waiting for them. I was actually thinking of not even publishing any of these as this was the day that the timing system started showing its faults.

As some of you might know by now, Killarney’s drag timing system has been a bit inconsistent of late and is proving to be a nightmare. An event all about time, doesn’t have its time keeper. Unfortunately these times are not recognized by MSA and I cannot use them on the Drag List.

It’s not Killarney’s fault. They found the issue and fixed it. But then the problem returned. They sent it away to the company who developed the system. It came back after a few days of testing with no faults. Yet when the system is needed, it starts acting up.

Now as some others might be wondering about my Drag List, well yes, I have not updated the list because of this very issue. It’s unfortunate but I just have to wait for things to be sorted out properly and then I will have to wait more to monitor the consistency.

I hope they manage to fix the system sooner than later. I see MSA has officially introduced a list system as a new national class. Seems like I got some competition now. Kidding. I think it’s a great idea by MSA. Let’s see everyone pull together and add to that national list.

As for me, we’ll stick to Cape Town’s fastest… as soon as the timing system is back up!!!

Check out the rest of the pics below.

Junaid Hamid
RaceMasteR J
instagram: @racewebmag
twitter: @racewebmag

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msa-drags-oct-2015_001 msa-drags-oct-2015_002 msa-drags-oct-2015_003
msa-drags-oct-2015_004 msa-drags-oct-2015_005 msa-drags-oct-2015_006
msa-drags-oct-2015_007 msa-drags-oct-2015_008 msa-drags-oct-2015_009
msa-drags-oct-2015_010 msa-drags-oct-2015_011 msa-drags-oct-2015_012
msa-drags-oct-2015_013 msa-drags-oct-2015_014 msa-drags-oct-2015_015
msa-drags-oct-2015_016 msa-drags-oct-2015_017 msa-drags-oct-2015_018
msa-drags-oct-2015_019 msa-drags-oct-2015_020 msa-drags-oct-2015_021
msa-drags-oct-2015_022 msa-drags-oct-2015_023 msa-drags-oct-2015_024
msa-drags-oct-2015_025 msa-drags-oct-2015_026 msa-drags-oct-2015_027
msa-drags-oct-2015_028 msa-drags-oct-2015_029 msa-drags-oct-2015_030
msa-drags-oct-2015_031 msa-drags-oct-2015_032 msa-drags-oct-2015_033
msa-drags-oct-2015_034 msa-drags-oct-2015_035 msa-drags-oct-2015_036
msa-drags-oct-2015_037 msa-drags-oct-2015_038 msa-drags-oct-2015_039
msa-drags-oct-2015_040 msa-drags-oct-2015_041 msa-drags-oct-2015_042
msa-drags-oct-2015_043 msa-drags-oct-2015_044 msa-drags-oct-2015_045
msa-drags-oct-2015_046 msa-drags-oct-2015_047 msa-drags-oct-2015_048
msa-drags-oct-2015_049 msa-drags-oct-2015_050 msa-drags-oct-2015_051
msa-drags-oct-2015_052 msa-drags-oct-2015_053 msa-drags-oct-2015_054
msa-drags-oct-2015_055 msa-drags-oct-2015_056 msa-drags-oct-2015_057
msa-drags-oct-2015_058 msa-drags-oct-2015_059 msa-drags-oct-2015_060
msa-drags-oct-2015_061 msa-drags-oct-2015_062 msa-drags-oct-2015_063
msa-drags-oct-2015_064 msa-drags-oct-2015_065 msa-drags-oct-2015_066
msa-drags-oct-2015_067 msa-drags-oct-2015_068 msa-drags-oct-2015_069
msa-drags-oct-2015_070 msa-drags-oct-2015_071 msa-drags-oct-2015_072
msa-drags-oct-2015_073 msa-drags-oct-2015_074 msa-drags-oct-2015_075
msa-drags-oct-2015_076 msa-drags-oct-2015_077 msa-drags-oct-2015_078
msa-drags-oct-2015_079 msa-drags-oct-2015_080 msa-drags-oct-2015_081
msa-drags-oct-2015_082 msa-drags-oct-2015_083 msa-drags-oct-2015_084
msa-drags-oct-2015_085 msa-drags-oct-2015_086 msa-drags-oct-2015_087
msa-drags-oct-2015_088 msa-drags-oct-2015_089 msa-drags-oct-2015_090
msa-drags-oct-2015_091 msa-drags-oct-2015_092 msa-drags-oct-2015_093
msa-drags-oct-2015_094 msa-drags-oct-2015_095 msa-drags-oct-2015_096
msa-drags-oct-2015_097 msa-drags-oct-2015_098 msa-drags-oct-2015_099
msa-drags-oct-2015_100 msa-drags-oct-2015_101 msa-drags-oct-2015_102
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