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On the 8th of February, Last Lion Lifestyle held their first Supercar event in Cape Town - 12 of the finest supercars available in the city met up at the Table Bay hotel for an early morning drive toward the Franschhoek Motor Museum.

The 140km route chosen was the longest, most scenic, and had the best roads with vast open stretches allowing the owners to enjoy their high performance machines! Along the way people's heads were turning in all directions whilst the crew passed through a number of villages.

Crowds were cheering, peoples jaws were dropping, and the expressions on the faces of the little ones were priceless as it's a pretty rare sight to see all of their poster cars together in convoy in the flesh!

The run consisted of Ferrari 458’s, Ferrari California's, McLaren Mp4-12c, Audi R8 v10’s, Maserati, Mercedes SLS, Corvette and a gold-plated Lamborghini Murcielago. The owners are all likeminded individuals based in Cape Town, who share a passion for high performance cars and all the good things that go hand in hand.

As the cars descended on the petite Franschoek Town, the crew passed a number of heritage sites before making their way to the Franschoek Motor Museum. At the Museum, the crew had their own demarcated parking area in which they displayed their cars – albeit comparable to the cars within the Motor Museum itself!

Last Lion Lifestyle did an amazing job in pulling together these select owners and creating a base that allows likeminded individuals to share their idea’s and express themselves in the line of their passions.

Watch out for our future events happening on a regular basis! If you have a Supercar and would like to join us contact me if you would like to be part of our next event.

Check out the highlights of the run in the video above.

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Menikmati Photography


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Last-Lion-Lifestyle-breakfast-run_031 Last-Lion-Lifestyle-breakfast-run_032 Last-Lion-Lifestyle-breakfast-run_033
Last-Lion-Lifestyle-breakfast-run_034 Last-Lion-Lifestyle-breakfast-run_035 Last-Lion-Lifestyle-breakfast-run_036
Last-Lion-Lifestyle-breakfast-run_037 Last-Lion-Lifestyle-breakfast-run_038 Last-Lion-Lifestyle-breakfast-run_039
Last-Lion-Lifestyle-breakfast-run_040 Last-Lion-Lifestyle-breakfast-run_041 Last-Lion-Lifestyle-breakfast-run_042
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