Event date: 14 February 2015 | Words: Nicholas Abrahams | Photos: Nishaam Ebrahim | Location: George, Western Cape.


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RACEWEB never needs an excuse for a Road trip and thanks to some handy info from the last Hobby Show we attended in Cape Town we hit the road in search of some more cabinet jewels. The occasion was the George Motor Show and it was our maiden voyage to this very unsuspecting event.

I personally visit the garden route at least once a year and am always amazed by the number of working classics still cruising the roads. This in my ignorance was just the tip of the iceberg as we were to discover the Saturday morning.

Now truth be told myself and Nish really only went for one reason and that was in search of scale model cars for sale and our informant guaranteed us massive amounts of rare gems so with very little twisting of arms we were on the road Friday afternoon. Saturday morning we fuelled the body and made our way to the show. On arrival at the school campus we parked closest to the school as we knew that cars we wanted can only be kept indoors.

I divided and conquered the 4 classrooms in record time and wallets a lot lighter in just less than 2 hours. All scales were represented and literally all makes and models of cars and bikes for sale. The show is supported by people from literally all over the country and beyond our borders and we saw models that are normally not available locally.

Our collections have grown considerably thanks to this fact and after cleaning ourselves out and all the back and forth negotiating we decided to “quickly” take a look at the show.

This after stepping out at the back of the school was going to be an impossible task at the site of the school of cars that we had to shoot. Nish and I were fortunate to attend SEMA 2013 and the George Motor show can compare with the mere number of vehicle on display.

We don’t have the exact numbers but I estimate at least 1500 classic almost pristine cars. I saw cars I have never heard of before and others that are only possible to view via Google images.

We did our best to get as much as we could on camera but ran out of time so fast because of the stopping and appreciating the stunning works of art.

My favorite was the Mercedes Benz club that brought out there arsenal from all over the country. You name the manufacture and they had at least one example at the show. Auto union (Audi) also impressed me with a massive display of all shapes and sizes.

Bottom line is that it’s an awesome show that lasts 2 days that I will definitely attend again in years to come. They have something for everybody at this show and you will not be disappointed.

If you not into the scale models and are able to spend some money on real cars, they have and auction at the show and the possibility of going home with a classic is possible.

George Motor Show is a motor head must do in SA. Check out the rest of the gallery below.


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