Event date: 08 August 2015 | Words & photos: Nishaam Ebrahim | Killarney International Raceway


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With everyone all over social media about ODI Road Trips and the ODI event itself, we were left back in Cape Town sad that we couldn’t join in the fun.

We hadn’t been to the track in a while. In between covering the Malaysian Grand Prix, Bangkok Motor Show, Winter and the month of Fasting, life has just been keeping us away.

With a long weekend in effect and clear skies predicted I knew we had to make a plan to attend the Drags and Drifting scheduled for the 08th of August.

Expectations were low with a lot of Cape Town’s big guns in attendance at ODI and many guys taking the long weekend off for some much needed R & R. But we were pleasantly surprised by the few out of Towner’s who made the trip for the Drags, from Mossel Bay, PE with some Durban and Gauteng guys in the mix.

As a spectator we always want more cars, more fast cars in attendance, but as a racer sometimes we prefer a quieter day at Killarney. Most drivers will tell you, it’s when they get the most track time and the shorter times between runs help in improving on your Personal Best’s.

So while no records were broken, overall it was a great “quiet” event at the drags, as usual Killarney Racers don’t disappoint.

Check out the rest of the pics below.


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drags-08-08-15_001 drags-08-08-15_002 drags-08-08-15_003
drags-08-08-15_004 drags-08-08-15_005 drags-08-08-15_006
drags-08-08-15_007 drags-08-08-15_008 drags-08-08-15_009
drags-08-08-15_010 drags-08-08-15_011 drags-08-08-15_012
drags-08-08-15_013 drags-08-08-15_014 drags-08-08-15_015
drags-08-08-15_016 drags-08-08-15_017 drags-08-08-15_018
drags-08-08-15_019 drags-08-08-15_020 drags-08-08-15_021
drags-08-08-15_022 drags-08-08-15_023 drags-08-08-15_024
drags-08-08-15_025 drags-08-08-15_026 drags-08-08-15_027
drags-08-08-15_028 drags-08-08-15_029 drags-08-08-15_030
drags-08-08-15_031 drags-08-08-15_032 drags-08-08-15_033
drags-08-08-15_034 drags-08-08-15_035 drags-08-08-15_036
drags-08-08-15_037 drags-08-08-15_038 drags-08-08-15_039
drags-08-08-15_040 drags-08-08-15_041 drags-08-08-15_042
drags-08-08-15_043 drags-08-08-15_044 drags-08-08-15_045
drags-08-08-15_046 drags-08-08-15_047 drags-08-08-15_048
drags-08-08-15_049 drags-08-08-15_050 drags-08-08-15_051
drags-08-08-15_052 drags-08-08-15_053 drags-08-08-15_054
drags-08-08-15_055 drags-08-08-15_056 drags-08-08-15_057
drags-08-08-15_058 drags-08-08-15_059 drags-08-08-15_060
drags-08-08-15_061 drags-08-08-15_062 drags-08-08-15_063
drags-08-08-15_064 drags-08-08-15_065 drags-08-08-15_066
drags-08-08-15_067 drags-08-08-15_068 drags-08-08-15_069
drags-08-08-15_070 drags-08-08-15_071 drags-08-08-15_072
drags-08-08-15_073 drags-08-08-15_074 drags-08-08-15_075
drags-08-08-15_076 drags-08-08-15_077 drags-08-08-15_078
drags-08-08-15_079 drags-08-08-15_080 drags-08-08-15_081
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