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Just a bunch of guys who have the same thing in common… they love cars, and specifically, their Honda S2000. Club S2k is one of the newer car clubs to hit the Cape Town car culture scene but seems to be taking off rather well with strong attendance numbers and their own events.

They are hosting a 3 car club dyno day next month, 7th March 2015, at 1st Performance which is based inside Killarney Raceway. Honda Type R’s and Toyota 86’s are the other two invited clubs at the dyno event, should be interesting.

This 400kW+ turbo charged monster would make any dyno day event awesome.

It's always great to hang out with like minded petrol heads especially on a warm summer’s night to experience the very best of top down motoring.

The German's have invaded! Not to worry though, this man is lucky enough to own an S2000 as well...

From bone stock models...

To ones with a little more charachter, this club has them all.

Boys will be boys and it didn't take long to find a tunnel and let everyone experience VTEC in all it's glory.

Undoubtebly the most impressive one of the lot has to be the turbo charged monster.

We look forward to the dyno day and the next outing. Check out the rest of the pics below.

RaceMasteR J

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