Event date: 10 October 2015 | Words & photos: RaceMasteR J | Location: Killarney Raceway, Cape Town.


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Here’s some coverage we managed to capture from this year’s All Tar Rally hosted by the CCMMCC and WPMC. As always the All Tar Rally proves to be extremely demanding for participating teams.

This event which is known to be a car breaker almost all of the vehicles needs constant maintenance during stages.

Drivers are challenged to drive their cars at maximum speed through tight stages covering almost all of the tarred area of Killarney Raceway. From pit lane to parking area and everything in between, we get to see these rally cars maneuvering through the smallest of gaps.

And sometimes drivers used more than just the tar...

It’s not only for rally cars though. Because it’s an “All Tar” event, it’s open to race cars as well. Usually it’s the guys from the Midas Sport Clubmans class that end up competing as well ending up becoming a battle of track cars against rally cars. Unfortunately there weren't any this year.

Participant numbers were down by a lot and after every stage more and more cars ended up retiring. Sad to see but it was still fun to watch. And I am sure even more fun to drive. If there’s one event I would love to participate in, this would be there one. It’s one big super special rally stage. One massive gymkhana of sorts.

Hello Colin!

I would just like to see more cars enter the event. It’s got the potential to be a cracker of an event, let’s hope its better at the next one, either way, I will still look forward to it!

Check out the rest of the gallery below.

RaceMasteR J

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all-tar-rally-2015_016 all-tar-rally-2015_017 all-tar-rally-2015_018
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all-tar-rally-2015_028 all-tar-rally-2015_029 all-tar-rally-2015_030
all-tar-rally-2015_031 all-tar-rally-2015_032 all-tar-rally-2015_033
all-tar-rally-2015_034 all-tar-rally-2015_035 all-tar-rally-2015_036
all-tar-rally-2015_037 all-tar-rally-2015_038 all-tar-rally-2015_039
all-tar-rally-2015_040 all-tar-rally-2015_041 all-tar-rally-2015_042
all-tar-rally-2015_043 all-tar-rally-2015_044 all-tar-rally-2015_045
all-tar-rally-2015_046 all-tar-rally-2015_047 all-tar-rally-2015_048
all-tar-rally-2015_049 all-tar-rally-2015_050 all-tar-rally-2015_051
all-tar-rally-2015_052 all-tar-rally-2015_053 all-tar-rally-2015_054
all-tar-rally-2015_055 all-tar-rally-2015_056 all-tar-rally-2015_057
all-tar-rally-2015_058 all-tar-rally-2015_059 all-tar-rally-2015_060
all-tar-rally-2015_061 all-tar-rally-2015_062 all-tar-rally-2015_063
all-tar-rally-2015_064 all-tar-rally-2015_065 all-tar-rally-2015_066
all-tar-rally-2015_067 all-tar-rally-2015_068 all-tar-rally-2015_069
all-tar-rally-2015_070 all-tar-rally-2015_071 all-tar-rally-2015_072
all-tar-rally-2015_073 all-tar-rally-2015_074 all-tar-rally-2015_075
all-tar-rally-2015_076 all-tar-rally-2015_077 all-tar-rally-2015_078
all-tar-rally-2015_079 all-tar-rally-2015_080 all-tar-rally-2015_081
all-tar-rally-2015_082 all-tar-rally-2015_083 all-tar-rally-2015_084
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