Event date: 11 October 2014 | Words & photos: RaceMasteR J | Location: Killarney Raceway, Cape Town.


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Usually when I go to Killarney for an event, I end up starting off at one side and ending up on the complete opposite side of the track. I try to cover as much different angles as possible to make for more interesting shots.

This time however I literally camped out on one spot for the entire day. Armed with a camper chair and umbrella I set up at the entrance of turn 4, one of my favourite corners to drive through, the double apex.

The Wingfield Motors Power Series regional racing is one of the best events to attend and watch as a spectator and I was going to be taking pics like anyone else would, behind the fence. If you’re an accredited Motorsport South Africa photographer you can get real close to the cars on track, but today, I didn’t feel like walking.

So instead of trying to get tightly cropped shots, I tried a little something different this time. I tried to get a bit more scenery into the shot with less of the car. A bit more… arty if you like.

First up was the Formula Libre class with all the single seaters. A small field of cars but with guys like Reg Anderson starting from the back and clawing his way to the lead made for some exciting racing.

Next up were the Charl Electrical Engineering Fine Cars with old Ford Escorts, e30 BMW’s and even a Mini. On the road the average person wouldn’t look twice at one of these cars but on track they are well respected and loved.

Old boys and their big expensive V8 toys were next. Yes, I’m talking about the V8 Masters. A bit less noisy of late, due to the noise restrictions I’m sure, but racing seemed to be right up there with the best of them. Especially with someone like Marcel Angel who was driving like a teenager with nothing to lose.

He was racing like a pro, until he tried to take a gap that wasn’t there and ended up running out of talent. That in turn caused the race to be red flagged. Oh well, a bit of duct tape and some cable ties and he was ready to go again.

Not so much for the poor guy that crashed into him though. But that’s racing.

One of the biggest fields in regional racing, the Midas Clubmans category. BMW’s, golfs, Audi’s and more BMW’s and VW’s.

One of the meanest looking Golf 4’s around, a class A and common front runner but not this time. Some boost issues caused an early retirement.

Makita Formula Supercars…

Then Mike Hopkins Powersport, Clubman's, Classics and Superbikes.

Mutlu Classic Cars have some of the neatest and prettiest race cars in their group. So pretty in fact I’m not sure if I would actually race them.

Finishing up the days racing was the Big Foot Express Sports and GT cars. Porsche’s, Lotus 7’s, Ford GT40’s and more.

This is an insanely well built Nissan S14 by Ian “Rezlo” Oberholzer. He gave the Porsches a run for their money all day long but unfortunately some gearbox gremlins cut his day short. I can’t wait to see this car in action again. It’s clearly the underdog in this class.

Not the quickest car on track but certainly one of the best looking. Still a legend too!

Dawie Joubert was out in his custom built Lotus Exige. Wider and longer than normal this car was eating up the tarmac, until he decided to buy a plot of land right in front of me. An early retirement was the end result.

If you have time this weekend make your way down to Killarney Raceway this Saturday the 8th of November for yet another installment of the Wingfield Power Series Regional Racing. I guarantee you, it’s the best racing you will get to see on your own doorstep!

RaceMasteR J

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