Event date: 29 November 2014 | Words: Nicholas Abrahams | Photos: Otis J. Gore


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Some time ago I wrote about the latest wave to sweep across parking lots around the world. It’s something that’s been around since the inception of the car but of late been revived to unbelievable “heights”.

Now truth be told this is still not my cup of java but after the very well put together KING OF SLAM event I can definitely see the appeal.

I can only relate the Stance movement to the runways of New York during fashion week. Only the best models walk the catwalk and everybody is envious of the models but in reality nobody wants to walk around on 9inch heels all day.

I have to commend the organisers on the awesome venue. The effort put into the setup was prevalent on entrance and I enjoyed the fact that there was enough space outside to have a mini shoot with very obliging ‘Stances’.

Inside the venue was also not disappointing at all with the camouflage theme so apt as most of the cars on show seem to transform when stationery which became apparent when preparing to leave after.

I really have a new found appreciation for the stance guys because like in true motorsport there is a lot of preparation and setup to achieve the desired end product. These guys really get down and dirty to look this good.

The selection of cars was also very diverse. It’s really apparent that no brand is left safe on any level anymore and with either air, coilover or angle grinder, anything can be made super low.

For now I think only the bikes are safe from these guys but I have seen pics from overseas so I am positive that somebody is busy in a garage somewhere.

Slaapstad seems to more awake than I thought and the underground movement is surfacing fast. Glad to see the guys have a lot more respect for our men in those CCT-GTI’s and driving high and parking low. Check out the rest of the gallery below.


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king-of-slam_001 king-of-slam_002 king-of-slam_003 king-of-slam_004 king-of-slam_005
king-of-slam_006 king-of-slam_007 king-of-slam_008 king-of-slam_009 king-of-slam_010
king-of-slam_011 king-of-slam_012 king-of-slam_013 king-of-slam_014 king-of-slam_015
king-of-slam_016 king-of-slam_017 king-of-slam_018 king-of-slam_019 king-of-slam_020
king-of-slam_021 king-of-slam_022 king-of-slam_023 king-of-slam_024 king-of-slam_025
king-of-slam_026 king-of-slam_027 king-of-slam_028 king-of-slam_029 king-of-slam_030
king-of-slam_031 king-of-slam_032 king-of-slam_033 king-of-slam_034 king-of-slam_035
king-of-slam_036 king-of-slam_037 king-of-slam_038 king-of-slam_039 king-of-slam_040
king-of-slam_041 king-of-slam_042 king-of-slam_043 king-of-slam_044 king-of-slam_045
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