Event date: 15 October 2014 | Words & photos: RaceMasteR J | Location:Killarney Raceway, Cape Town.


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After seeing some teaser pics on social media many people asked me what happened at Killarney on this day. Well it was the Dunlop Track Day, which was a private event meant for special Dunlop customers who were to be treated by being taken around Killarney in either a supercar of some sort or a drift machine.

I didn’t actually go to the supercar side which was along the back straight of Killarney, instead I decided to camp out at the oval by the drift boys. Cars going fast in a straight line compared to going sideways leaving smoke trails… What would you have done?

Local drift outfit D1S crew Ready D, Noer Asmodien, Anwar Daniels and a few others like Sean February from Team Read and Bronny White from Team Good Hope Construction were also in attendance giving passengers the rides of their lives.

Smoking and killing tyres in quick succession. Dunlop were on hand to provide fresh tyres as they were needed.

From the driver’s side the idea of this was absolute brilliance as track time is always in high demand, added to the fact that they were all getting to smoke tyres all day long for free!

Spirits were high and enthusiasm was through the roof during the initial parts of the day. But getting towards the end of it not only the cars ended up taking heavy beatings that they weren’t usually used to, but the drivers ended up running out of “fuel” too!

Normal drift sessions be it practice or even full on national competitions only last up to a few minutes of hard driving at a time. This however was a continuous turn taking session all day long. It was a true test of driver ability and weapon strength.

Ready D’s S14.5 was one of the cars that sadly threw in the towel so he ended up piloting the Rocket Bunny S13. Another amazing looking car with so much detail. Sounds great too!

Sean February’s E30 BMW was out of commission so he was getting some much needed practice time in his loan car.

Bronny and the smoke machine. Always an exciting driver to watch leaving some of the thickest and longest smoke trails.

Noer had his old faithful Supra running on low boost trying to maximize vehicle durability. Some of you might recall it from when international drift star James Deane was here a while back.

From all the vehicles present there was a very special one that I was interested in. Noers new ride. I was tracking its progress for the past few days before the event at the boys and girls of XModz. A custom wide body kit was made for this S15 in about a week.

Now besides it being an S15 which is very rare, being an import, this particular one is fitted with a Nascar V8 engine. When the car eventually arrived and was started up, holy moly was it loud! So loud in fact that it broke the decibel limit at Killarney.

So unfortunately we didn’t get to see much of it on track, but be sure to come back soon, we will have a full review coming up with all the juicy details.

Check out the gallery and video below.

RaceMasteR J

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