21 March 2013 | Photos: Nishaam Ebrahim, RaceMasteR J & Chevan Davids | Words: RaceMasteR J | Location: Killarney Race Track, Cape Town.


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This event started life back in 2009 when D1S (Drift Squad) used to practice regularly at Club @mospheer in Lansdowne. Even then, it was a game changing affair. But that goes without saying because it was hosted by Drift Squad. Lights, camera, action! They’re all about putting on a great show and entertaining the crowds. Things have moved on since then, bigger venues, Killarney Race Track, and bigger names such as the stars and their cars.

This event saw some upcountry names and imports from Mozambique. Guys like Issufo Ussuman and Zanil Honey in their R33 and R34’s respectively were large and in charge in their RB powered drift machines. Zanils black “Drift Devil” R34 was a clear crowd pleaser with its gorgeous looks and gun shot sound track, Capetonians rarely get to see R34’s let alone see them smoking their rears going sideways.

SupaDrift organizer Mikey Skelton brought his Rockford Fosgate sponsored Nissan boosted 350Z and put on a great show often leading the 5 car drift train.

He was accompanied by fellow SupaDrift competitor and friend Jim Mc Farlane in his SnS sponsored Chevy Lumina.

Another upcountry drifter was Jean Mare in his Dakar Yellow E36 M3. This car seemed to be very photogenic. It must be the colour.

Minimal time between runs makes for frantic repairs and changes...

Local boy Dylan Cothill was back but in a new Supra powered S13. Man was he on fire and the crowd loved every bit of it too!

No stranger to the local drift scene, Gianni Crowster aka Ching is his old skool “Knight Rider” Supra who gave the upcountry guests a good run for the top dollars!

Someone who I am very impressed with is this man, Typie Khan. Another boosted Supra powered motor gets this E30 to ludicrous angles and Typie manages to hold it and continue the drift. I’ve seen him when he started off some time last year and he has shown massive improvement! Watch out for this man guys!

A big WELCOME BACK goes to Faheem Salie. One of Cape Town’s drift pioneers who went missing for a good few years but has finally resurfaced with yet ANOTHER boosted Supra power plant, but this time in an E36 chassis. You guys might remember Faheem from when he had his metallic blue S13 with twin dumpvalves sticking out of the missing bonnet.

Unfortunately not all of the cars got to flaunt their stuff, disappointing to just see them hiding away in the pit area.

Yaseen Damon was giving it beans all day long! Maybe a little too much in this case...

The drifting was action packed all day long.

It did eventually all come together rather nicely...

Eddie or rather “Crazy Rasta” as we like to call him puts on a spectacle as usual with his shenanigans. Mad skills indeed! I want to see him in a fully prepared drift car one day!

That awkward moment when you know you've reached the point of no return.

Like I said, D1S like to notch things up a level or two... Aamz AJ, Playboy Playmate 2012 on the left doing some promo for the team.

Last but not least, this is what you call a sure thing! Sean February is undoubtedly THE crowd favourite! Maybe it’s just a Cape Town thing, but everything about this car is just right, the looks, the angle, speed, smoke etc.

Feel free to check out the rest of the gallery below...

RaceMasteR J


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