Date: 11 May 2013 | Words & photos by: RaceMasteR J | Location: Dezzi Circuit, Port Shepstone, KZN.


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With the South African drift scene unifying under one banner this year, the SupaDrift series has been exploding in more ways than one. It’s with that same excitement that we decided to attend the third round of SupaDrift at the all new Dezzi Circuit in Port Shepstone, KZN.

Cape Town, in comparison to Gauteng is rather starved for hardcore drift action. We don’t get to see it that often, and the selection of cars are limited, and we basically only have Killarney to do it at. This trip would see us being able to experience a vast range of never before seen cars at an all new amazing circuit. We love a change of scenery, from the stage to the performers. Being excited was an understatement.

But truth be told, I never actually went up for SupaDrift. Yes it was always part of the plan, but I actually went up to Durbs to attend a wedding. My very own brothers wedding infact, on the Friday. (Congrats Bro!) So after a very jam packed, busy, and eventful Friday, I was extremely bushed! Playing wedding photographer for the family till the wee hours of the morning has its tolls.

After not being able to wake up from a very comfortable warm bed on a very rainy Saturday morning, I eventually set off to make the hour and a half journey, in the pouring rain to the town of Port Shepstone, or as the locals call it, "Sheppies", even after everyone telling me not to go. I soldiered on! Nothing was going to stop me from getting to see some amazing talent and machinery.

Durban’s roads are crazy! The amount of highways is insane, and the way the roads are laid out makes no sense at all. Thankfully I had a Garmin navigation system which helped me find my way out of central Durban.

The gloomy weather eventually cleared as we got further out into the country side.

But we were greeted with yet some more rain filled clouds as we entered Port Shepstone.

Driving up the road which takes you to Dezzi Circuit made me feel like I was in that Top Gear Amazon
special episode.

The sign I was looking forward to seeing! We’re in the right place. Just a little further up.

Oops! My little Suzuki Alto rental didn’t like this road very much.

It looks dead! There’s no one in sight. Are we too late? Is this the right entrance?

Monster Mob! We’re definitely in the right place. Let’s find some parking.

Walking in the pouring rain I eventually found refuge under the SupaDrift gazebo in the middle of the track.

Looking around there was not a drift car in sight. I got there during a 30 minute break.

The track was so wet, the officials were checking to see if the event could actually proceed.

An effort was made to clear the massive standing puddles of water.

Some people were more excited to see me than others. A good friend to Raceweb, Ernest Page, is one of the judges for this series.

Finally! I see a drift car. This Supra literally crept out from the bush.

It wasn’t long till the track was cleared and reopened. Tandem drift battles here we come!

At this point it was still raining pretty hard so I decided to stay in my cave and use the zoom instead.

The rain was messing up my shots. I didn’t like it. I needed to get closer.

Like a shy child I slowly crept my way closer to the candy sitting on the corner, a big yellow clipping point.

It helped that the rain was eventually getting lighter.

Soaking wet pants, socks and shoes, the long dangerous drive and the lack of sleep all eventually paid off…

For shots like this! This is what I came for! Otto Graven's wide body S15 is in a permanent state of extreme opposite lock. It always looks like its beyond the point of no return, like he's about to spin out, but he doesn't! Amazing!

Jethro Schwartz in his V8 powered E30 BMW. I first saw this car many years ago at a drift event in P.E. It was impressive back then but it’s evolved into a monster now.

Battle of the S15’s. Two very sort after imports. Otto and Zanil having a go at each other.

One of the closer tandems for the day with David Nell and Wade van Zummeran.

Paolo Gouveia’s S13 looks like such a sleeper!

Unlike Jason Webb’s new look Mad Max style S13.

No I never took this shot at an angle. Im standing up dead straight here. This just shows you the awesome up's and downs of this hillside track. It reminded me of Ebisu Circuit in Japan.

The V8 powered Nissan 350Z of Ronnie Graven sounds downright DIRTY!

Shane Gudzeit was impressive carrying lots of speed into the corners. It is his backyard after all, literally! Lucky B!

Wade’s R33 looks great from all angles… even from the back.

The Nissan 200SX S13 – The weapon of choice amongst South African drifters. Mike Radloff lines up to hit the clipping point.

In the end we saw Wade VS Shane with Shane taking third place.

The finals was a battle between student and teacher, Jason and Otto.

Jason made a mistake in his first run scoring a zero, which saw Otto taking a comfortable win in the final pass. Excuse the grainy pic, the light was almost completely gone by this time.

But due to a mistake by Otto in an earlier run, which was only seen afterwards on video, saw Jason Web emerge as the victor of SupaDrift round 3! Well done! Be sure to check out the video and the rest of the gallery below.

RaceMasteR J

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SupaDrift-03-dezzi-circuit_036 SupaDrift-03-dezzi-circuit_037 SupaDrift-03-dezzi-circuit_038 SupaDrift-03-dezzi-circuit_039 SupaDrift-03-dezzi-circuit_040
SupaDrift-03-dezzi-circuit_041 SupaDrift-03-dezzi-circuit_042 SupaDrift-03-dezzi-circuit_043 SupaDrift-03-dezzi-circuit_044 SupaDrift-03-dezzi-circuit_045
SupaDrift-03-dezzi-circuit_046 SupaDrift-03-dezzi-circuit_047 SupaDrift-03-dezzi-circuit_048 SupaDrift-03-dezzi-circuit_049 SupaDrift-03-dezzi-circuit_050
SupaDrift-03-dezzi-circuit_051 SupaDrift-03-dezzi-circuit_052 SupaDrift-03-dezzi-circuit_053 SupaDrift-03-dezzi-circuit_054 SupaDrift-03-dezzi-circuit_055
SupaDrift-03-dezzi-circuit_056 SupaDrift-03-dezzi-circuit_057 SupaDrift-03-dezzi-circuit_058 SupaDrift-03-dezzi-circuit_059 SupaDrift-03-dezzi-circuit_060
SupaDrift-03-dezzi-circuit_061 SupaDrift-03-dezzi-circuit_062 SupaDrift-03-dezzi-circuit_063 SupaDrift-03-dezzi-circuit_064 SupaDrift-03-dezzi-circuit_065
SupaDrift-03-dezzi-circuit_066 SupaDrift-03-dezzi-circuit_067 SupaDrift-03-dezzi-circuit_068 SupaDrift-03-dezzi-circuit_069 SupaDrift-03-dezzi-circuit_070
SupaDrift-03-dezzi-circuit_071 SupaDrift-03-dezzi-circuit_072 SupaDrift-03-dezzi-circuit_073 SupaDrift-03-dezzi-circuit_074 SupaDrift-03-dezzi-circuit_075
SupaDrift-03-dezzi-circuit_076 SupaDrift-03-dezzi-circuit_077 SupaDrift-03-dezzi-circuit_078 SupaDrift-03-dezzi-circuit_079 SupaDrift-03-dezzi-circuit_080
SupaDrift-03-dezzi-circuit_081 SupaDrift-03-dezzi-circuit_082 SupaDrift-03-dezzi-circuit_083 SupaDrift-03-dezzi-circuit_084 SupaDrift-03-dezzi-circuit_085
SupaDrift-03-dezzi-circuit_086 SupaDrift-03-dezzi-circuit_087 SupaDrift-03-dezzi-circuit_088 SupaDrift-03-dezzi-circuit_089 SupaDrift-03-dezzi-circuit_090
SupaDrift-03-dezzi-circuit_091 SupaDrift-03-dezzi-circuit_092 SupaDrift-03-dezzi-circuit_093 SupaDrift-03-dezzi-circuit_094 SupaDrift-03-dezzi-circuit_095
SupaDrift-03-dezzi-circuit_096 SupaDrift-03-dezzi-circuit_097 SupaDrift-03-dezzi-circuit_098 SupaDrift-03-dezzi-circuit_099 SupaDrift-03-dezzi-circuit_100
SupaDrift-03-dezzi-circuit_101 SupaDrift-03-dezzi-circuit_102 SupaDrift-03-dezzi-circuit_103 SupaDrift-03-dezzi-circuit_104 SupaDrift-03-dezzi-circuit_105
SupaDrift-03-dezzi-circuit_106 SupaDrift-03-dezzi-circuit_107 SupaDrift-03-dezzi-circuit_108 SupaDrift-03-dezzi-circuit_109 SupaDrift-03-dezzi-circuit_110
SupaDrift-03-dezzi-circuit_111 SupaDrift-03-dezzi-circuit_112 SupaDrift-03-dezzi-circuit_113 SupaDrift-03-dezzi-circuit_114 SupaDrift-03-dezzi-circuit_115
SupaDrift-03-dezzi-circuit_116 SupaDrift-03-dezzi-circuit_117 SupaDrift-03-dezzi-circuit_118 SupaDrift-03-dezzi-circuit_119 SupaDrift-03-dezzi-circuit_120
SupaDrift-03-dezzi-circuit_121 SupaDrift-03-dezzi-circuit_122 SupaDrift-03-dezzi-circuit_123 SupaDrift-03-dezzi-circuit_124 SupaDrift-03-dezzi-circuit_125
SupaDrift-03-dezzi-circuit_126 SupaDrift-03-dezzi-circuit_127 SupaDrift-03-dezzi-circuit_128 SupaDrift-03-dezzi-circuit_129 SupaDrift-03-dezzi-circuit_130
SupaDrift-03-dezzi-circuit_131 SupaDrift-03-dezzi-circuit_132 SupaDrift-03-dezzi-circuit_133 SupaDrift-03-dezzi-circuit_134 SupaDrift-03-dezzi-circuit_135
SupaDrift-03-dezzi-circuit_136 SupaDrift-03-dezzi-circuit_137 SupaDrift-03-dezzi-circuit_138    
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