Event date: 28 December 2013 | Words: RaceMasteR J | Photos by: RaceMasteR J & Nishaam Ebrahim | Location: Killarney Race Track.


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So if you’re an old petrol head from Cape Town it would be somewhat of a norm for you to head down to Killarney Race Track every end of December. Reason being is to celebrate all things we racing addicts consider good and wholesome. We come together to watch some of Cape Town’s fastest and loudest street drag racers. This year was no surprise in the entertainment value department however the host being Killarney gave their yearend bash a new name calling it StreetFest.

The recipe stays the same with hardcore quarter mile drag racing on the strip mixing it with a car show vibe in the new pits and not forgetting drifting on the oval. This gave spectators and fans alike a vast area to feast their eyes on from slammed and bagged to door slamming sideways rides.

The new pit area was buzzing with people of all ages and is always the central hub of activity at the track.

From the new pits you can either watch the 10 second dragsters fly by you or just take a quick walk over to the oval area to watch some side by side drifting action. Not being an actual regional event the drifting was more on the relaxed side and gave the new guys time to practice and perform in front of bigger crowds. It’s a great way to build confidence.
We had some local heroes doing what they do best at the oval like Typie Khan in his E30 BMW with his ever improving driving style.

To the bigger powered boys like Faheem Salie in his E36 BMW.

Ching’s nightrider Supra is always around and proves to be consistent at every event.

This car is still around! Brian Canterbury’s Ford Cortina lives up to the saying Ford is Lord because this car just refuses to die.

Shane Green was back after his epic performance at Rev Life and was looking on form and set to take a podium. But would Faheem Salie let him?

Most of you won’t know this car but it’s been around for a while now and today was its day to finally make a public appearance. Rob’s Mazda MX5 or Miata as everyone calls it is as cute as a button and feisty as a little husky puppy just wanting to go. This car is still very much under powered but for what it currently is Rob put on a great show.

Struggling with understeer initially, Rob eventually gets it to step its tail out and smoke some rear rubber.

Tommy in his S14 was back and going sideways as ever but gremlins eventually got the better of the 200SX and retired early.

Yaseen Damon was trying trying trying but somehow it seemed the setup of the car just wasn’t working out as he just looked a bit too uncomfortable. Maybe it’s the new paintjob?

Once the drifters were done shredding their rears the spinner boys and girls came out to keep the crowds entertained. But let’s head back to the drag strip so long.

Michael Keyser is best known for his super quick Nissan Champ bakkie. But I was pleasantly surprised to see him in this EGi powered Mazda RX7. He managed a very impressive 10.3 for the day. Well done!

The front wheel drive class was very stiff with guys like Riyaad Mohamed in his sexy black Mk1 who ran a 12.6.

To old time drag racer and Opel wizard Luc Lucchesi in his this time normally aspirated Corsa running a very, very impressive 12.7. The car is still fully loaded, door panels, carpets and all.

Usual suspect Jody Van Schoor is getting better and better and ran an overall best time of 12.2 seconds.

But it was the old school 2 door Mk1 of Ikraam Bulbulia who took the quickest time in his class with a 12.0. So close to an 11.

Representing the SNS Army from up North was Theo Knipe in yet another never say die car, the Opel Kadette TS which ran the strip in 12.2 seconds. The car is capable of much quicker times but somehow things didn’t go according to plan.

But it was the Branch Worx boys from Gauteng who ran the best front wheel drive times of the day with Jannie Bardenhorst flying down the strip in a Mk1 Golf, or rather what’s left of a Golf, in 10.2 seconds.

He tried again but this time in the Corsa, or rather, what’s left of a Corsa in 10.5 seconds.

We happen to see one run with the Corsa at the end of the strip and were shocked to see the amount of stopping distance needed. This car uses the entire strip, all the way up to the catch nets. Yes people, the catch nets at the end are there for a reason.

The crowds loved the Jhb performers which inevitably brought out the local big hitters. Keith van der Poll in his bumble bee Chevy Manta tried his foot at rolling burnouts. He got down the strip with a best time of 10.8 seconds.

The next rolling burnout bandit was Willie Nel smoking his Chevy Can-Am’s rears from start line all the way down to Malmesbury. Oom Willie managed an awesome overall best time of 9.8 seconds. Well done!

But it was none other than the rolling burnout king Ralph Kumbier in the ever so gorgeous Chevy Firenza who instantly changes the weather without fail. Ralph wasn’t only just doing rolling burnouts, he was doing them sideways!

Brave, brave man! Ralphs best time for the day was slightly slower with a 9.9.

One of the oldest racers around, John Brussels who ran a 12.4.

And his old time rival Shamiel Petersen. Still one of the best looking slant fronts around. Looking good and crossing the line in 10.8 seconds.

The biker boys were there as always but we all missed Renfred Slamet at the start line, may he rest in peace. The Slamet team was present but out of respect, decided not to participate.

The rest of the 2 wheelers did however, like crazy Kat on his super quick Suzuki GSX750 who ran a 9.9.

Ebbie Abrahams went even quicker running a 9.2 on his GSXR 1000.

But it was Sharief Reynolds on his Kawasaki ZX14R who went fastest on the day with a time of 9.1 seconds.

Getting back to the oval for the drifting I was in awe when I saw this ISUZU bakkie(Chevy badge on grill) going sideways like a pro! I just couldn’t believe what I was seeing. Finding out afterwards that it was Zack Groenewald made some sense, but the fact that there was still an Isuzu badge on that damn thing made it my highlight moment of the day.

After some retirements and knockouts, we were left with four remaining drifters. From left to right, Faheem, Typie, Ching and Shane who is not present in this pic.

Faheem was absolutely killing it but a small mistake cost him dearly and was knocked down to battle it out for third place against Typie. Typie did well but couldn’t compete against the more powerful E36 of Faheem. End result, Typie 4th and Faheem 3rd.

The final battle was between Mr. consistent, Ching, up against balls to the wall drifter Shane.

Things were going well for Shane and a top spot was almost in sight until the little BMW’s prop shaft gave in causing irreparable damage which saw Ching come out victorious at the end.

All in all it was a good day filled with a variety of action packed segments to suit everyone’s needs and a good way to end the 2013 year off. We look forward to what 2014 has to offer. Be sure to check out the entire gallery with over 300 photo's below.

RaceMasteR J

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