Posted: 24 September 2014 | Story and photos by: Nish | Location: Las Vegas Convention Centre, USA.


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Japanese Domestic Market (JDM) - my favourite three words in car culture. Now before the purists start to fill the Racemaster's inbox with hate mail, let me explain. When I say JDM, it doesn't meant cars built in Japan, neither does it doesn't mean cars built as most Japanese would - Mostly function over form, it just means cars from Japanese origin, OK!?

Being a big Honda fan, I must mention that Honda had a really poor showing at SEMA even though they had a massive manufacturer stand. To stay on the scene you have to keep building relevant cars, cars that people want to buy. In the 2004 - 2014 period the States only really got Civic Si's. And while they did have the almighty K Factor, they are not nearly as popular as their predecessors.

The popularity of the 86 is proof of this. Relevant (built to be modified), Cheap (relatively) and RWD (the fun factor) it was everywhere at SEMA. Add to this that Europe is dominating at the moment with boost cars, I am sad to admit that the world really seems to be moving completely to Turbo Cars. I hope the New Turbo R will change this, whether the States will get it is another story though.

Nevertheless, the Honda's that were on display were drool worthy ... well besides for that “riced” out EG turbo K20 build, which on its own is a pretty insane build, but it’s not for us.

For a while as we were walking through the show I thought Toyota had only ever built 86's, because that's all we saw. But the usual suspects were on display especially the super sweet Box Corolla at the Rota stand.

Eventually I had to drag Nicholas away from it kicking and screaming.

Nissan had GTR's in big numbers as well, both old and new.

And some old school GTR goodness parked outside.

A couple of RX7's here and there.

And decent amounts of Scooby's and Mitsu's all over the place.

So while SEMA may still be dominated by Muscle Cars, Imports still have their place at the show and judging by the sheer volumes on display they are definitely there to stay.

Check out the rest of the gallery below and be sure to come back tomorrow as we will be showing you the best of SEMA babes!


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