Posted: 22 September 2014 | Story and photos by: Nish | Location: Las Vegas Convention Centre, USA.


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For those that don't know what SEMA is, here is an extract quoted from the SEMA website: "The SEMA Show is the premier automotive specialty products trade event in the world. It draws the industry’s brightest minds and hottest products to one place, the Las Vegas Convention Center. In addition, the SEMA Show provides attendees with educational seminars, product demonstrations, special events, networking opportunities and more.

SEMA Show 2013 drew more than 60,000 domestic and international buyers. The displays are segmented into 12 sections, and a New Products Showcase featured nearly 2,000 newly introduced parts, tools and components.

Over this next week we will be bringing you all the content we managed to capture from this amazing event, one day at a time. We will showcase all the maddest vehicles displayed at the show from insane 86's to Liberty Walk's Ferrari 458 and more. But first, let me take (not a selfie) you on this SEMA trip from the beginning which is the general overview of the show. Enjoy...

I can't believe that our SEMA trip, 14 months in the making has already come and gone. Time really does fly when you're having the time of your life.

If you think flying for 24 hours to get to SEMA is a mammoth task, wait till you actually get there and the sheer magnitude of the show hits you. Car shows have been spoiled for life for us now. Nothing will ever compare, well unless we hit Tokyo auto salon next (hint hint).

On day 1 of the show we managed to get going by 8am. Staying at the Riviera meant we had a short 1 mile walk to the Las Vegas convention centre.

After searching for the media centre for about 30 minutes, we had passes in hand, cameras at the ready and it was time to hit the show.

The closest hall to the media centre was the central hall so we approached those doors first. Walking through the doors for the first time is when it really hits home. OMG we are at SEMA!

But what really gets you is that you literally cannot see the end of the hall in all directions.

We went through all of the halls, row by row, stand by stand in attempt to see it all. Bumping into celebrities and making lots of friends along the way.

The central hall consists mainly of manufacturer's like Toyota, Honda, Ford, etc. We completed this one hall (more on this assumption later) by about 2pm, had lunch and moved to an elevated hall which housed companies like Scion and Gopro.

The 5pm show closing time was rapidly approaching. With four halls on the map and everyone telling us it's impossible to cover SEMA over the four show days, we were suitably impressed with ourselves that we had covered "half" of the show in one day.

We decided to call it a day and head back to the hotel for some much deserved RnR. On the way out we checked out a complete SEMA map, and we noticed the error in our assumption. If fact we had only covered one hall. That's when the deer in headlights syndrome kicked in. But we were determined not to let the show beat us. After all Raceweb had conquered New York, surely we can conquer a car show.

On Day 2, we decided to be at the show at 7am, I won't mention names, but someone overslept (Nicholas Abrahams) so we only got there at something to 8am. We completed the North hall which went rather quickly as it was small accessories, machinery and equipment. Thereafter we moved onto the south hall which consists of tyre and wheel manufacturers. This is where the entire shows babe's were. But that deserves its own article. (Coming soon).

By the end of day two we just started Mopar alley which also forms part of the South hall.

Day 3, finally we’re at the show at 7am, only to be told that only exhibitors can enter at 7am and media could only get in at 8am. Lol. (Normal show attendees are allowed in at 9am).

We did some coverage outside of the show halls, completed the South hall lower and South hall upper (4X4's and accessories) and spent the rest of the day outside where it seemed the real party was happening.

Outside we found Harley Davidson, West coast customs, dub, Gas Garage, Ford out front and your more privately owned cars.

We had completed the show in three days and would use the last day of the show to tie up loose ends and spend some more time at Ford out front and enjoy the drifting.

Day 4, we just tried to actually enjoy the show, walking around all the halls we had been through before. The only issue with this is we seemed to be seeing cars we hadn't seen before. We could very well have seen these cars and just not noticed them or we might have just completely missed some cars. The show itself is just way too big. And this is not something we can explain.

From day 1 we poked fun at what seemed like lazy Americans riding around in motorized scooters. By day 3 we were envying them.

The most common thread of the show from the people we met seems to be that the show is just too big. We walked every inch of the show and still it seems we missed parts of the show. It seems that most folks who visit SEMA really only see 50 - 60 percent of the show.

All that said, everyone still marvels at the show itself, it has to be on every car enthusiasts bucket list. Will we go again, Hell yes. Will we recommend it, Hell yes. The show cannot be described using pictures, words or even videos. It's like the rest of Las Vegas, it has to be experienced.

Only when you experience walking 15km per day at a car show amongst 50000- 80000 other people from all over the world will you understand how crazy this trip was. We were at SEMA 2013 baby and we had the time of our life!

Next article up tomorrow... 86's!


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