Posted: 25 September 2014 | Story & photos: Nish | Location: Las Vegas Convention Centre, USA.


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Not my title, but rather something a local said to us, after she caught us reviewing the many pics we had taken of the ladies at SEMA.

Having been to many motor shows, including the Bangkok motor show, we are no strangers to hot ladies in skimpy outfits, springing into poses when they see a camera. But most of us will just never get over it lol.

I have never heard any man say something like, "I have had enough of these show girls". It just won't happen. Unless he's saying it in front of his wife that is.

Nicholas said: “There were just so many women at SEMA that we had to take a break for all of 15 seconds.”

The use of show girls at SEMA is still a major draw card for most booths. Most offer autographs and posters and will gladly pose for a picture with you provided you're willing to have your badge scanned.

Being media however, I don't expect we'll be receiving a lot of spam mail. It's the folks who had buyer badges that are generally expected to chat to stand holders and "trade" at the trade show.

Enjoy the pics gents (and ladies) and be sure to check out the rest of the gallery below and come back soon as we will be showing you the best of SEMA 's muscle cars next!


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sema-babes_001 sema-babes_002 sema-babes_003 sema-babes_004 sema-babes_005
sema-babes_006 sema-babes_007 sema-babes_008 sema-babes_009 sema-babes_010
sema-babes_011 sema-babes_012 sema-babes_013 sema-babes_014 sema-babes_015
sema-babes_016 sema-babes_017 sema-babes_018 sema-babes_019 sema-babes_020
sema-babes_021 sema-babes_022 sema-babes_023 sema-babes_024 sema-babes_025
sema-babes_026 sema-babes_027 sema-babes_028 sema-babes_029 sema-babes_030
sema-babes_031 sema-babes_032 sema-babes_033 sema-babes_034 sema-babes_035
sema-babes_036 sema-babes_037 sema-babes_038 sema-babes_039 sema-babes_040
sema-babes_041 sema-babes_042 sema-babes_043 sema-babes_044 sema-babes_045
sema-babes_046 sema-babes_047 sema-babes_048 sema-babes_049 sema-babes_050
sema-babes_051 sema-babes_052 sema-babes_053 sema-babes_054 sema-babes_055
sema-babes_056 sema-babes_057 sema-babes_058 sema-babes_059 sema-babes_060
sema-babes_061 sema-babes_062 sema-babes_063 sema-babes_064 sema-babes_065
sema-babes_066 sema-babes_074 sema-babes_075 sema-babes_076 sema-babes_077
sema-babes_078 sema-babes_079 sema-babes_080 sema-babes_081 sema-babes_082
sema-babes_083 sema-babes_084 sema-babes_085 sema-babes_086  
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