Posted: 23 September 2014 | Story: Nicholas Abrahams | Photos: Nish | Location: Las Vegas Convention Centre, USA.


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Being a massive Toyota fan made searching for 86’s at Sema only but a pleasure. The problem was that they were like last year, all over the place. I don’t think another vehicle at this year’s show was as well represented once again.

Nothing was left to the imagination when it came to the possibilities of this vehicle.

As 86’s go this is not my taste at all. Its been made to soft in appearances and don’t think this was the intention of Toyota when the drawing boards where out. Nice to look at and perfect for cruising in Campsbay but don’t think it will fit in at the track.

The only description is aggressively stylish. Its got so much going on. From the front it hints aggression but still is simple with the purposed positioning of the large wing hiding at the back.

Then slowly moving around you see how the body has been cut and chopped to allow for more movement of wheels and flex in suspension. The intension of this car is clear and that is to stylishly attack whatever stands in its way.

Some of this fast growing cult car were seen in just stylish takkies heavily attracted to the earth, many others had more time to put makeup on and then there were the monsters.

Fire breathing monsters ready to swallow you whole and spit you out on the side of the road without breaking a sweat.

Even Ryan Tuerck's very own Formula D drift machine was here.

Something that caught my eye when passing this car was the colour. The almost primer metallic finish was extremely different as I don’t think we use these colours enough at home. For me the body kit was perfect because it did not over power the colour or any other aspect of the car.

The power sauce was the perfect conclusion to this build as they went for the tried and tested 2jz-gte turbo from the Toyota Supra. All round a perfect build with the overall impression being balance.

Personally the 86 in standard trim is a bit of a let-down to be honest and I am glad that the people of Sema share my sentiment.

For a car that is just over 2 years old it’s amazing what options are available to make this car right.

From small power upgrades like filters and electrical gadgets are available as well as the extreme upgrades like internals for turbo and supercharger applications.

The body stylist companies have also been hard at work creating aerodynamic master pieces that don’t also look awesome but are functional.

Performance companies from around the globe have been adapting this new cult car in every means possible. No corner has not been untouched and to be honest I really thought I had seen it all but to my very welcomed surprise Seibon has developed a kit that is not only aggressive but with the proper spray work covering the exposed carbon could be super stylish.

What excites me is that if this is just over a year of development the possibilities in the future are going to be mind blowing.

Check out the rest of the gallery below and be sure to come back tomorrow as we will be showing you the best of SEMA 's Japanese cars!


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sema-86_081 sema-86_082 sema-86_083 sema-86_084 sema-86_085
sema-86_086 sema-86_087 sema-86_088 sema-86_089 sema-86_090
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