27 April 2013 | Words & photos by: Nishaam Ebrahim | Location: Killarney Race Track, Cape Town.


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Always starving for some Circuit action, RACEWEB headed to the Pro tour at Killarney.

Karting colleague and long-time friend Sataar Osman was out in his Opel Astra for some Clubman’s Fun. Sadly the car overheated in Heat 1 and had to be retired early.

Turn 4 saw its fair share of "farming" - claiming Shift (GTi challenge citi golf) and Sataar (Dalmans Midas Opel Astra) in Friday's practice. Sataar says it was the first time one of his cars seriously injured him on the track straining his arm and shoulder when the steering violently ripped one way then the other during his "off".

Turn 5 was action packed as usual with loads of Porches locking up and spinning off. (That's what you get for Racing Beetles!)

The Ferrari may not have been the fastest, but downshifting at turn 5 from full bore down the back straight was enough to make any grown man cry for his mommy LOL. It personified EVIL in matt black and would be Darth Vader's track weapon of choice.

The Dodge Viper was blisteringly quick; Dawie Joubert seemed to be the only Porsche who could keep up.

Challenge and Clubman’s never disappoint with tight racing throughout their Heats.

Rubbing is Racing.

Family members look on anxiously when the rider in the background took a tumble coming out of turn 5. Fortunately he walked away unscathed.

So hows the bike running? It looks really clean from here...

Pro tour grid walk gave fans the chance to meet the drivers and have a closer inspection of their machinery.

The sad side to racing, but I am sure the owner of this Porsche is already planning his next race car.

Our home away from home never fails to disappoint. All in all a good day's racing - looking for to Wesbank Super Series coming up soon.


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