Event date : 22 September 2013 | Words: Nicholas Abrahams | Photos: Nish | Location: Fairbridge Mall, Brackenfell, Cape Town


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Thanks to the sound restrictions at my second home I have not had to be up before 10am on a Sunday in ages. I think because of this I was drawn to the prospect of any sort of car enthusiasm type event and it seemed as if the Gods made the sun rise with Vtec engaged. Everything felt right in the world and to be honest I don’t believe anybody thought that the SA record attempt would have been unobtainable.

So what needed to be seen was by how much they would beat the previous record. Currently the World record for an event like this is held by Japan and it’s standing since 2010. They hit 569 Honda’s which in my mind could not have been that difficult being with it in the manufactures home land.

Now to be very honest, I’m not a massive fan of standing around and watching cars stand still either but I do see the appeal in spending time with like-minded people and I was rudely surprised. Besides the awesomely prepared bodies and detailed accessories, the cars also had their place among the stunning ladies that clearly are attracted to the Honda Drivers.

Now I was not able to stick around for the final count but was able to confirm with the organisers that the final total counted was 408 vehicles.

No matter what the end total might be the brand was extremely well represented but sadly for me it became monotonous. The EK9 was the most represented of all the models as well as the EG and FN2 but not one of my favourite models made the trip out, namely the Jazz or CRZ.

The most difficult challenge for us covering the event was the fact that we had to take pics at an event and with 408 subjects it’s almost impossible to get them all.

For me a neat red CRX stole a slice of my heart as the rest of it had to be spread across the parking lot. 1 or 9 EK9’s had a share and let’s not even start with the FN2’s…

Then there where S2000’s which should have stolen the show but even the dark blue and light blue 19inch clad beauties stood no chance against the two RR’s.

The ultimate in Honda technology available to the public stood side by side literally just showing off.

Later a third light blue FD2 rocked up with the full Mugan body kit and the unmistakable Volk Te 37’s. Just because of its total uniqueness it was the best car of the day for me.

So my synopsis was that an awesome event was held on an almost perfect day. I feel that better marketed this record could easily become a World record next year. It’s very encouraging to see how guys are installing quality aftermarket parts and not using as many shortcuts as we all did in the past.

The general trend seems to be function and I hope to see these well prepared specimens at track events so that we can see the fruits of all the hours and Rands spent on EBay. Feel free to check out the rest of the gallery below.


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honda350_001 honda350_002 honda350_003 honda350_004 honda350_005
honda350_006 honda350_007 honda350_008 honda350_009 honda350_010
honda350_011 honda350_012 honda350_013 honda350_014 honda350_015
honda350_016 honda350_017 honda350_018 honda350_019 honda350_020
honda350_021 honda350_022 honda350_023 honda350_024 honda350_025
honda350_026 honda350_027 honda350_028 honda350_029 honda350_030
honda350_031 honda350_032 honda350_033 honda350_034 honda350_035
honda350_036 honda350_037 honda350_038 honda350_039 honda350_040
honda350_041 honda350_042 honda350_043 honda350_044 honda350_045
honda350_046 honda350_047 honda350_048 honda350_049 honda350_050
honda350_051 honda350_052 honda350_053 honda350_054 honda350_055
honda350_056 honda350_057 honda350_058 honda350_059 honda350_060
honda350_061 honda350_062 honda350_063 honda350_064 honda350_065
honda350_066 honda350_067 honda350_068 honda350_069 honda350_070
honda350_071 honda350_072 honda350_073 honda350_074 honda350_075
honda350_076 honda350_077 honda350_078 honda350_079 honda350_080
honda350_081 honda350_082 honda350_083 honda350_084 honda350_085
honda350_086 honda350_087 honda350_088 honda350_089 honda350_090
honda350_091 honda350_092 honda350_093 honda350_094 honda350_095
honda350_096 honda350_097 honda350_098 honda350_099 honda350_100
honda350_101 honda350_102 honda350_103 honda350_104 honda350_105
honda350_106 honda350_107 honda350_108 honda350_109 honda350_110
honda350_111 honda350_112 honda350_113 honda350_114 honda350_115
honda350_116 honda350_117 honda350_118 honda350_119 honda350_120
honda350_121 honda350_122 honda350_123 honda350_124 honda350_125
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